Stay Balanced

The Healthy Living section in the Guide Daily of the Dallas Morning News today supplied a nice one-two punch just in time for the holidays. Two separate articles one entitled, “Wretched excess: If miserable holidays are your aim, here’s what to do” and the other, “With the holidays, simple is better”, Ms. Barker Garcia and Ms. Churnin help us take notice of what is truly important in our lives not only during the holidays but day-to-day, as well.

Often times we lose sight of the importance of balance in our lives and how the sometimes unreasonable expectations we have or aspire to achieve create more problems than we realize. I am often espousing the importance of balance, proper rest, proper diet and proper exercise. These efforts go a long way in making the challenges in our lives easier to confront and overcome. Perspective and balance are so important. The holidays and the opportunity to be with family and friends often help me keep things in perspective and remind me of what is most important in our lives. Family, friends, our health and the relationships which enrich our lives.

Have a wonderful holiday season and take a moment to give thanks for those relationships in your life that mean so much. Stay balanced and keep perspective on what is truly important.

– Dr. Grisham